Helicity. Not heli as in helicopter, not helicity as in a city of helicopters. If you are curious to know a bit about why this site is named what it is, click over to my post about helicity.

I am a plasma physicist by training and practiced as one for several years. I am currently masquerading as a scientist/engineer in a manufacturing company.

I have several sites. This site will be the home for a good many technical topics and whatever else strikes my fancy. The rationale for yet another site is discussed in Trying something new. My photography site can be found at 125PX and the quirky site which I have run for and contributed to for many years is protozoic.com.

Two other notable locations that I maintain an internet presence are flickr and github. I also dabble with twitter at the username @ezwal. What’s an ezwal? I’ll put up a post about that shortly.

This site is generated by hugo. I’ll add more about relevant technical bits on the site as I add them.