Trying something new

I have several places that I blog, all of which are severely neglected. The obvious solution is to create a new blog, in the grand tradition of bloggers with nothing to say.

Seriously though, has evolved from a place where all writings of a collection of friends appeared to writings by those friends and for those friends. It’s one of may ways we stay in touch now that we’ve been scattered to the four winds. We gladly accept outsiders, but few come around.

125PX is photography related. Output is sporadic, but the information and documents stored there are best left alone and not diluted with other noise.

Here… here I will write about non-photography topics. And topics that won’t necessarily interest my friends. I wanted a place to collect my thoughts on software use, code snippets, etc. I’ll probably also write things related to science as well. Of course, there is always the possibility of some cross posting, or at least a heads up to a protozoic article that might fit in here as well.

It’s probably unwise to split my meager output amongst several sites, but it’s what I’ve decided to do. I probably won’t blog at 125PX at all anymore. I might migrate over those posts to here, or just leave them there. That site might just be a repository for information and the few photography related articles I write.